Study Establishes An Online Assessment Tool To Help You Pick The Right Mental Health App

Nowadays, there is just an app for almost everything, even one that can help you in managing your mental health. Several apps are advertised as offering the best counseling at affordable rates at your time of liking, and some purport to have licensed experts specializing in various mental issues like stress, self-esteem, and depression.

Mental health issues can be addressed through apps

Therefore, the dilemma is knowing, which is the right app for your needs as some might be looking to take advantage of those than need help. According to a study from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre in Boston, this should not be a problem because there is an online assessment tool that will help you through. The tool helps people in evaluating mental health apps before spending money on an app.

According to the study’s authors, there is a need to have accessible mental healthcare because the number of mental health cases continues to rise. Around 50% of Americans will experience mental illness that ranges from schizophrenia or eating disorders to anxiety and depression at some stage in their life. Treatment of mental illness is experienced, and GoodTherapy indicates a therapist will cost between $65 and $250 per hour. This is where mental health apps come in as they offer a convenient and cheaper alternative.

Online assessment tool helps users decide what mental app fits them

The study published in the Nature journal indicates that in 2016, over a billion people with mental health issues globally, and according to WHO, depression in 2020 are the main cause of disability. The publication cites that there are over 350,000 health apps with mental health apps being around 10,000.

Because of the apps’ proliferation, the researchers have created a tool as per the American Psychiatric Association guideline to help users find the right app for their needs. The authors said that there is no overall best app, and what the tool lets the end user decide what fits them rather than scoring questions or producing summary scores.

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