Seniors Can Take Advantage Of Dropping SUV Prices Due To Growing Unsold Inventory

The global pandemic and economic downturn have resulted in a dramatic drop in SUVs sale prices. Because of over saturation in the market, automakers may be seeking to clear SUV inventory as they clear space for 2021 models. With supply high, it means the prices are falling, and seniors who are looking to purchase a new SUV can take advantage of low prices and rebates offered by dealers.

Dealerships are stuck with a lot of SUV or Crossover inventory they want to dispose, and this is a huge opportunity for seniors to search online for that dream Crossover or SUV. Here is what you need to know about SUVs to take advantage of hot deals.

Why SUVs are ideal for seniors

For seniors, an SUV is more ideal compared to compact cars because it is easier for them to get in and out, especially for those with age-related problems such as arthritis. SUVs tend to offer enhanced visibility, which makes driving effortless, and the four-wheel-drive features offer greater traction on the road thus you will not worry about snow or wet service.

Also, there are luxury SUVs that offer even more in terms of comfort and ample interior space. With luxury SUVs, seniors can enjoy features such as wood and leather integrated interiors and enhanced sound systems. Most luxury SUVs come with extra shine and powerful engines with enhanced handling and acceleration and other performance features such as improved transmission and suspensions and smoother braking.

Another aspect making SUVs affordable to seniors is the increase in the availability of used off-lease SUVs, which means customers can access fairly newly used SUVs. Also, there is a consumer shift in demand for SUVs, which means that manufacturers produce more SUVs. This has resulted in more inventories in dealership yards, and there is an increase in consumer-friendly financing alternatives.

For instance, one can take advantage of 0% financing for up to five years to get a Jeep and up to $3,750 bonus cash for the Jeep Compass. The BMW X3 is currently going for $479 per month, while Jaguar F-Pace 25t is going at $439 per month.

Finding the best SUV deals for seniors

There are several ways through which seniors can find great SUV deals and save some cash. One of the best ways is searching online for deals that allow one to see the incentives offered by manufacturers and local dealerships. It also helps consumers compare incentives for different types of SUVs and, most importantly, sellers put the deals online to reach a large number of potential customers.

Also, watching then SUV models that automakers drop the MSRP directly will be a good way to find the best deals. Although it is unlikely for manufacturers to drop prices annually, the current market conditions might have necessitated a drop in some top SUV models’ price. The MSRP drops could be a good way to begin your search for deals because automakers can add other incentives such as 0% APR financing and rebates.

Looking for unsold inventory at local dealerships will be another way of finding the best deal to save on your SUV purchase. Dealerships usually have clearance sales and discounts on earlier SUV models, and if you manage to get one offering a clearance sale, you will save a significant amount of cash.

Bottom line

For seniors who have been looking to buy SUVs, this could be the ideal moment as prices are low than they have ever been. Start searching for deals to take capitalize on available incentives and low prices.

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