Ridiculous Fashion Trends from the 2000s

The 2000s were a weird time for many reasons. Music that people want to either forget or listen to in secret for example. Ridiculous ideas in fashion and… wait, what was that? Oh yes, we should focus on that. Weird fashion trends were IN in those days. In defense of us from the 2000s, we didn’t know any better.

Do you remember the silly shiny pants or even worse, the shiny CARGO pants? You probably shouldn’t remember those…

How about when people decided it was good to wear neckties as belts? That person should NOT have been allowed to do anything remotely connected to fashion.

What about those pointy boots? You know, the ones that go below the knee. Just wow.

What about the mini skirts? No, the ones that are more mini than mini skirts should be… When you take a look at that, the fashion of that time for girls seems to have been be-as-naked-as-the-law-allows. Thankfully, those days are gone. But since we’re on that subject, remember that thongs were actually seen while fully dressed. That’s just way too much.

Cowgirl shirts. Yikes. Or maybe the vertically striped pants. Please no.

How about those turtleneck sweaters? You know the ones that were stripped or ribbed or whatever it was.

Cuffed-up jeans used to be worn. Even worse, they used to wear them with heels… Why would anyone do that!?

Furthermore, cropped pirate pants, anyone? What was up with that? Who thought that was good? Most people? Oh, OK…

Naturally, we can’t forget that dresses over jeans were actually adored. I don’t why and how, but they were.

Now one word – tracksuits… I know you remember those. Yeah, I feel terrible as well.

And in the end, everything Avril Lavigne used to wear in those days…

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