Researchers Looking To Create A Pill That Has the Same Effect As Exercise

Exercise has numerous advantageous health effects in addition to aiding in weight loss or maintenance. Insights from a recent study conducted by Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) scientists have the potential to help create a tablet that mimics the health benefits of exercising.

The scientists examined mice with high-fat or typical diets and either led sedentary lives or engaged in physical activity. Then, using RNA sequencing, scientists identified two different forms of fat deposits and 53 different cell types in skeletal tissue better to understand the impact of a high-fat diet and exercise.

Obesity a leading health problem globally 

Obesity is a health problem, and according to Harvard Medical School, it negatively affects practically all facets of one’s health. For example, it has an impact on respiratory function, reproductive health, mood and memory. The pathways involved include complex changes in metabolism and hormones and the mechanical stress of having extra pounds.

The researchers previously studied the FTO gene region associated with obesity. In the study, they established that genes control the pathway that triggers progenitor adipocytes which can be fat-storing or fat-burning cells. The scientists investigated how exercise can affect these immature fat cells, which clearly demonstrates a genetic link to obesity.

High-fat diet makes mesenchymal cells store fat. 

Scientists found 53  types of cells that were suppressed and activated by exercise. In addition, they found that a high-fat diet makes the mesenchymal stem cells store fat which exercise reverses. According to the researchers, a high-fat diet and exercise have the opposite influence on pathways responsible for controlling the circadian rhythm. 

Exercise increases the gene expression that controls hormones, digestion, sleep, body temperature, and other bodily functions, whereas a high-fat diet inhibits them. The authors conclude by advising everyone to exercise regularly and keep a healthy diet. Additionally, it deepens our understanding of the physiological effects of high fat and exercise on the body.

Researchers think the information could result in the advancement of a medication that facilitates weight loss and provides the overall health advantages of exercise.

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