Researchers Find A New Easy Approach to Calming Crying Babies

New research indicates that crying babies can be calmed by holding them and taking a five-minute walk, even during the day when the baby is awake. This new approach could be more effective in calming the baby than any other method. 

There is no foolproof method to soothe a wailing infant or put them to sleep, according to a ScienceAlert report. According to the study, sitting quietly with a crying infant in your arms probably won’t be enough to calm him down. The baby may become even fussier, and their heart rate may regularly increase.

According to the study, parents would do better to carry their wailing newborn on a stroll in their arms. This method frequently slows the infant’s heart rate and promotes slumber.

Hold and walk for five minutes. 

The researchers explained that holding the baby and walking for five minutes can calm the baby. However, the challenge is when trying to get the child into bed. For most parents, this challenge can be infuriating because the moment the baby’s head tilts back, they wake up.

The trick is to sit for an additional five minutes after the walk to successfully make the kid go to sleep. With this approach, not even closing a door or a subtle touch can wake them. The walk-sit method is an effective way of putting kids to sleep.

The five-minute walk should be uninterrupted without abrupt turns   

The study authors suggest that caregivers should let the baby’s body snugly on theirs and support the head. Notably, the five-minute walk should be flat, and the walk should be steady without stops or abrupt turns. After doing this, the child’s chances of waking up when placed in their crib are minimal. 

Although every child is different, the walking trick tends to calm all kids alike. According to other studies, human babies and some mammalian offspring can be soothed with their mothers carrying them  in what is called a “transport response.” Carrying the baby while walking around really soothes them.

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