Recent News on the Walking Dead

With the show soon returning to our small screens (or even smaller screens, if you prefer watching on your smartphones) you might want to hear some recent stories that came our concerning this very popular TV show.

Kirkman would like to bring a character back

One of the creators of the show and the guy who invented the whole thing (the comics first of all), Robert Kirkman, recently said that he would like to revive the character of Tyreese. He loved writing about him (even though he didn’t get to live long in the comics) and further enjoyed doing the same on the show. The big yet gentle Tyreese was a great guy and we all couldn’t agree more.

Andrew Lincoln thoughts about Morgan

Even though it was announced that Morgan’s character will leave the Walking Dead to join Fear the Walking Dead, Andrew Lincoln, the actor playing Rick Grimes, has recently said that he doesn’t believe that this will be the end of Morgan on this show. He believes that Morgan and Rick will meet again. I’d like to believe that because I see no reason for a great character like Morgan to leave this show to join that stupidity called Fear the Walking Dead.

Will Carl survive?

He was bitten. He’ll die. No way around it. Unless they make something up like him faking his bite even though we saw it or that he is immune to the virus. Nope. Anything would just be completely dumb and ruin the show. He has to die, unfortunately. At least we know that we’ll finally see the end of the fight against the Saviors in this very season. That has to be a consolation of sorts.

In other news, Fear the Walking Dead is still terrible and doesn’t need to exist… Yet it will be back on the air for another season as soon as Walking Dead wraps up this season. As Barnie from How I Met Your Mother was once saying about Canada – oh Fear the Walking Dead, why do we let you be a show?

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