Reasons Scientists Think Smiling is Good For You

Several people assume that laughter is the best medicine. However, there are moments where an easy smile will suffice. Previous studies revealed that the act of smiling could be therapeutic, as it can decrease levels of disorders such as anxiety and others. Scientists also stated that the smile could increase, forming essential relationships.

There are various advantages to smiling, such as reducing the risk of developing common heart illnesses. In addition, a recent study revealed at least seven psychological and physical advantages to smiling, thus reiterating that people should try it compared to laughing.

The body releases endorphins when we smile

One of the advantages that several scientists supported and revealed are advantages of smiling include the release of Endorphins. Scientists define endorphins as happy hormones that make human beings excited and warm inside. The human body releases both endorphins and dopamine when an individual smiles, thus producing a happy hormone that can alter one’s mood. In addition, the hormone known as neurotransmitters can also decrease the rate of stress and relaxes the human body.

Scientists also revealed that serious illnesses such as blood pressure and increased heart rate result from stress. However, smiling can reduce a person’s blood pressure by diluting a stressful circumstance, thus reducing a person’s stress levels.

When individuals smile, they become happy, thus tricking the brain into believing that one is happy and correlates with the emotion. Previous studies also revealed that injecting Botox can influence how a person smiles, and it becomes difficult for the individual to smile back. The study authors revealed that Botox makes it hard to become happy like other ordinary people.

Smiling can lower stress levels

Some of the other advantages of smiling include reducing pain and strengthening the person’s immune system. Smiling also issues positive methods that assist in decreasing the level of stress due to a specific experience. A psychiatrist, Chris Norris, recently stated that smiling is the one way of reducing stress, even during a sad moment. The art of smiling can also assist an individual in attaining their goals, thus reaching successful heights with their accomplishments.

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