Real Water Attempts To Sabotage FDA’s Investigation

In March, the FDA issued a safety warning against Real Water branded alkaline water. The FDA linked the water to a hepatitis outbreak. Since the story broke, there have been many developments, including missing witnesses and roadblocks to weaken the FDA’s lawsuit against Real Water.

The investigation started when the FDA found out that an alkaline water was the only common product used by five people with nonviral hepatitis in Mensa, Az. The water belonging to Affinity Lifestyles is made by Real Water.

The victims were kids.

All five cases of nonviral hepatitis were reported in children in November 2020. The victims recovered after being hospitalized for acute liver failure. Adults in the victims’ households also reported minor symptoms.

On March 24, Real Water recalled the water. One week later, the company was informed of the investigation’s results. Since then, Real Water has been slapped with nine lawsuits.

According to David Hilton, an attorney representing one of Real water’s customers, the water contained many health risks. He added that his client would not have bought or paid much less for the water if they knew that it was associated with conditions like nausea, loss of appetite, and liver failure. Will Kemp, another attorney representing many disgruntled customers, says his clients have reported similar symptoms in five years. 

On March 23, the FDA asked for Real Water’s company records. According to the FDA, the company was not cooperative and attempted to thwart the investigations. Real Water reportedly found it hard to give the FDA their Henderson, Nev, and Mensa Az locations. On the same day, however, Brent A. Jones apologized to customers in a YouTube video.

A missing witness

Meanwhile, the FDA says that the company has been changing its distribution information with nine distributors between New York and California, saying they were not informed of the recall. More astonishingly, according to Real Water Inc’s lawyer in a recent hearing, the plant operation manager could not be found. Nevertheless, in a recent  Journal-Review update, the company pledged to be as cooperative as possible henceforth.

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