‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ TV Spot Features Chun-Li from ‘Street Fighter’

Ralph Breaks the Internet features Chun-Li from the Street Fighter series, one of the many characters that cameos in the movie from different video game brands.

In the compilation of TV spots shown above, you’ll see Chun Li standing around a room full of bored-looking characters. Alongside another character named Ryu, Chun-Li is one of the most recognizable characters from the Street Fighter series that’s developed and published by Capcom and debuted decades ago. The ad for the new movie that’s out now played up the momentum of the Thanksgiving season and urged people to take their Thanksgiving celebration to the movies instead of staying at home for a boring get-together.

Chun-Li is just one video game character that’ll make a cameo during the movie that’s out now, and she’s joined by other Street Fighter characters like Ken and Ryu. Though the Street Fighter characters area still some of the more recognizable figures people will see in the movie, it also contains classic characters like Pac-Man and Q*bert. Younger viewers and those who have been swept up in the Fortnite craze will also notice some references to Epic Games’ battle royale game in the movie, a cameo revealed earlier in the month when a list of video game cameos was revealed to include those mentioned above and several more.


Now that the movie is out after it was scheduled to release on November 21st, viewers are able to go see all those cameos from video games and all sorts of Disney properties like the Disney Princesses who all meet up with Vanellope, the co-star of Ralph Breaks the Internet. It’s expected that quite a few people will go see the movie too seeing how it’s currently projected to be the top movie at box offices over the Thanksgiving weekend. The sales numbers that are projected for the film would make it another Thanksgiving win for Disney, an accomplishment that the company has already achieved more than 10 times since 1982. It’s also projected that the film will bring in more than the first movie, Wreck-It Ralph, a film that was released back in 2012.

Ralph Breaks the Internet is now out in theaters just in time for Thanksgiving, and you can see our full review of the film here to give you an idea of whether it’s worth working into your Holiday schedule.

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