Practicing Meditation Could Protect Older People Against Cognitive Decline, Study Shows

According to the latest research, practicing mind relaxation techniques such as medication in older people may help protect them from Alzheimer’s disease, the most popular dementia type. Researchers in France established that meditation could boost brain power, awareness, attention,  and emotional health in older people, functions that decline with AD. 

New study offer insight into how mediation can help address AD

The discoveries provide new insight into how the illness functions and pave the way for more effective treatments. They increase the body of research showing that mindfulness both lessens and even prevents symptoms.

French subjects were assigned to an eighteen-month course and performed better than those enrolled in an English course to keep their brains engaged.  

Caen-Normandy University’s Dr Gael Chetelat said that mediation outperformed non-native language training reflecting attention management and socioemotional capacities. In addition, there is a link between well-being and meditation, implying that meditation can boost mental health. 

Meditation performs better than foreign languages. 

Researchers divided women and men into three groups for the study, with weekly two-hour courses dedicated to meditation and English. Additionally, they practised at home for a minimum of 20 minutes each day. A control group did not get any intervention and continued to live their lives as usual.

Chetelat added that meditation outperformed non-native language training in a global composite score measuring attention management, socio-emotional control and self-knowledge. In addition, findings demonstrated robust adherence and little attrition supporting the practicality of non-native language skills training and medication to elderly people. 

According to earlier studies, meditation reduces onset by promoting happiness and helping people stay focused. Philosophical and meditative traditions have included the concept of remaining in the moment for a long time.

Meditation appears to alleviate the concern with one’s thoughts, a symptom of many types of mental diseases. For example, mindfulness meditation offers promise for post-traumatic stress disorder, which causes irrational thoughts and low mood.

Researchers concluded that there is a need for urgent strategies to address dementia, and mental training targeting attention and stress regulation does offer a possible solution to aging aspects. 

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