Poll Shows The Many Times Americans Move In A Lifetime

A recent survey has shown the patterns of movement among Americans. One thing that comes to light is that a large number moves several times in a lifetime. The poll shows 11% moved less than two times, whereas 23% moved seven times or even more. A third of them say they like to plan before they move.


The panic packer category is a poor organizer and waits to the tail end of matters to start packing, which is 24% in proportion. However, the poll also shows that these Americans use wide-ranging packing methods.

Most respondents admit that the moving process is hectic and overwhelms most of them. They suggest mediation could be a fantastic way to prepare for the movement. A person who rushes ends up using a towel to wrap breakages, which isn’t a good idea.

The essence of good preparation

OnePoll surveyed on behalf of Bellhop and has numerous questions it wanted the respondents to answer. One of the things the survey wanted to establish was the methods the moving persons turned to in the process. Secondly, it sought to understand whether the respondents found the movement as some sort of madness. Finally, it also hoped they would open up about the stress involved in the whole movement.

The respondents react differently to the whole idea of movement. However, many believe it is essential to work with a schedule or a clear timeline during movement. Different people might start differently. For instance, a large chunk could choose to begin with miscellaneous items. About 37% prefer to start packing the items they rarely use and the knick-knacks.

There is a group that likes to put the collectible items closer to the “keep pile, ” which constitutes about 37%. A sharp difference exists between the moving time and the spring cleaning, representing “28% vs 21%”. The poll also wanted to see what happens during spring. It found that only 24 percent of respondents would instead move in the year’s first season. There is also a section that believes in summer shits, and the figure stands at 42%.

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