People Could Take Advantage Of The Current Crisis To Come Up With Ideas Of Reshaping Education

The current coronavirus pandemic has resulted in the closure of schools, and in most places the will complete the rest of the year in an unlikely manner. However, some people have taken this opportunity to try some of the US traditional schooling features. Different people have a lot of ideas on how to school kids during this period of crisis. Here are some tips that will help in identifying the best ideas:

Who is bringing the idea?

The school system is well known by teachers who are experts in public education and ways of making the system better. So far, some have been involved in discussing the opportunities arising from this crisis. It is important that when new ideas come they should come from experts and the good news is teachers are involved.

Application of the idea

The next thing to consider is whether the idea has been tested anywhere and if the available evidence is credible. The available evidence should match the idea, and the benefits should outweigh what currently applies.

Similar an idea pitched about bettering the system should be able to fix a problem or a gap. Sometimes people may identify an issue and then take steps to come with a solution, but the big question they should bear in mind is how the solution they are creating will fix the problem.

Involvement of technology

Technological advancements have revolutionized several sectors, including opening numerous possibilities in the education industry. The downside with education technology is that it promises much than it can deliver. Education tech promoters are now seeking ways of focusing on adaptive instruction or personalized education that could emphasis on learning for kids than having to spend time on seated staring on the computer screen.  However, using tech is likely to do little in improving the student’s education.

Most importantly is worth noting that any solution in education takes time to implement and a lot of investment. Therefore any ideas that might crop from this period of crisis are likely to be thoroughly scrutinized before being tried.

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