Over 65% Of Americans Are Pessimistic About Social Change, Study Finds

Many people are pessimistic regarding the future due to the division that keeps tearing at the country’s underlying fabric. Based on a recent survey, two-thirds of people don’t think they’ll live long enough to witness good social change.

Healthcare and gun violence among top social concerns 

According to the 2,000-person study, 67% of respondents are pessimistic about the likelihood of changes occurring but still wish to leave the next generations with a better society. Whenever questioned about which social concerns they presently believe to be particularly essential, health care (43%) and gun violence (41%), in that order, came out on top.

Domestic violence, racial injustice (tied for third at 39%), and homelessness and poverty (38%) complete the five top social concerns. Interestingly, the five significant difficulties listed by participants all fall within 5% of one another, demonstrating that most of these complex problems are given close to equal weight.

Even the importance of these concerns could change: According to 64% of respondents, the news and current events can alter the concerns they consider as the most pressing.

The study, undertaken by OnePoll for Avocado Green Mattress, was timed to the Supreme Court’s judgment to repeal Roe v. Wade. According to 66% of respondents, abortion freedom is now more important to them than other issues.

However, birth rights are not the only social concern for most responders. Around 59% cited gun violence in the wake of mass shootings in the US, and 43% said they are paying attention to LGBTQ+ rights. 

People are ready to create social change through various actions. 

Avacado Green Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer Mark Abrials said that the issues are daunting and big without easy solutions. However, small collective individual actions can have a massive impact. Around 20% of the respondents indicated that they are taking action to create social change, with another 25% who would love to take action. Among the steps respondents take are boycotting brands (45%) that support legislation they oppose.

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