Over 50% Of Americans Get Worried About Their Safety Daily, Study Find

At least once every day, more than 50% of Americans experience a sense of impending peril. A  recent survey of 2,000 people established that 52% of Americans always worry about their individual safety.

Younger individuals are more likely to be concerned about the well-being

Younger individuals were more inclined to worry about their daily well-being, with 75% of those aged 25 to 34 and just 50% of those aged 45 to 54 concurring with this assertion.

Dark sidewalks and streets most exacerbate their nervousness, then by unfamiliar surroundings. Parking garages and traveling alone using a cab or ridesharing service came next. In relation to ridesharing services, 39% of participants said they never use them since they do not feel at ease doing so. For individuals between the ages of 25 and 34, this increases to 50%.

In a survey conducted by OnePoll for Arlo, participants were asked what techniques they employ to feel protected. It was discovered that 56% of them disclose their whereabouts to somebody “just in case.” Most respondents from Generation Z and Millennials (62% aged 18 to 24 years and 65% aged 25 to 34 years) reported using this strategy.

Paper spray and safety apps are common things used for personal safety 

In addition, respondents listed the top items they’ll carry with them when traveling for security and comfort. The most common products are a personal safety application on their smartphone (40%) and pepper spray (40%). A persona-defense keychain and an alert device or button are both carried by around 30% of survey participants.

Meeting up in an open space is the most common safety precaution Americans undertake whenever they meet somebody new, followed by disclosing their whereabouts with somebody (43%). Additionally, respondents disclose their whereabouts while meeting new people around thrice a month. The most conservative Americans are those aged 25 and 34 years; on average, they share five times per month.

Arlo Marketing and Customer Care SVP Lily Knowles said that sharing one’s whereabouts with someone was among the simple tactic people employ to enhance the sense of security. 

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