Online Testing: Determining Whether You Are Sad Or Depressed

The coronavirus pandemic’s impact has affected many people across the world. Job losses, stretched finances, and health issues are just some of the issues people have been dealing with during the pandemic. It is thus no surprise that the number of people experiencing depression increased in 2020.

The American Medical Association conducted a study through which they discovered that the cases of individuals experiencing depression tripled in 2020, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. More than 17 million Americans suffer from clinical depression annually, and these are statistics from all ages. The condition is usually characterized by irritability, hopelessness, and lack of interest in regular activities.

People experiencing depression may also experience a lack of appetite and changes in their sleeping patterns. The symptoms might manifest differently, which means that one person’s symptoms might be different to another. The common characteristic is that depression affects the subject’s ability to get through their daily activities.

Online screening

If you have experienced any of the above symptoms, you might be going through a depression phase. However, one must not jump to conclusions because false positives are a common occurrence. The best approach is to take a test, which will provide more clarity. Fortunately, you can quickly conduct an online test that will help you know whether you are suffering from depression or whether you are just sad.

Confidentiality is one reason that many people might consider going through online screening rather than visiting a mental health practitioner. The ongoing pandemic has also triggered a lot of anxiety and stress in many people. One might thus be stressed but not depressed.

If you decide to go for screening through an online tool, make sure a reputable organization backs it. National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) encourages medical practitioners to include depression screening in wellness exams for adults and teenagers. If you take an online test and say you are depressed, you should seek help from a medical practitioner. A licensed mental health professional will be in a better position to guide you on the journey and perhaps even help you get back on the road to recovery.

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