New Study Shows That One Fifth Of Americans Prefer Burgers In Their Menu

One in five Americans always orders burgers off the menu. In a survey of 2,000 self-described burger fans, 58 percent confessed to often eating burgers while out to eat. In actuality, respondents consume five hamburgers on average each month, with baby boomers consuming the least, at three to four.

The average American takes 60 burgers a year

Accordingly, the typical American consumes 60 burgers annually. The survey, which was undertaken by OnePoll for White Castle, finds that whenever it comes to ordering a burger, participants were more likely to stay with a classic burger than something novel or creative (33 percent vs. 16 percent ).

One respondent stated that they need something that is entirely unique from whatever burger They have ever tasted when asked what would inspire them to stray from their go-to.

Additionally, Americans favor buying burgers straight off the menu rather than modifying them (42 percent vs. 23 percent ). It seems that a new burger on a diner’s list is the most well-liked method for discovering something novel to try, as per 40% of participants. 

White Castle CEO and president Lisa Ingram stated, “The burger today is a source of physical and emotional nourishment for so many. It’s gratifying to see the continued devotion to the classic burger, as well as the growing appetite for an ever evolving landscape of specialty burgers. Further proof that when you meld beef, onion, pickle and bun as your starting point, you never know where it might lead.”

Round two-thirds of Americans will try a burger that brings fond memories

Almost two-thirds of those surveyed (63%) are likely to attempt a burger that brings back fond memories. So it’s hardly surprising that one-third of respondents believe the ideal burger makes them think of happy times spent with friends and family.

One in three (35%) people believe the ideal burger is one they can eat in their preferred location, whether it be at their grandmother’s house or a restaurant. According to the survey, respondents would travel 34 miles on average for the ultimate burger.

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