Naps Extending Beyond an Hour Linked to Greater Risk of Cardiovascular Disease According to Researcher

Research advocates for keeping naps short and intense between 30 – 60 minutes, not more

A recent finding by scientists research has displayed startling results that napping for long periods might be very detrimental to your health. Dr. Zhe Pan, who hails from Guangzhou Medical University, utters that napping is recognized as a common theme throughout the world and is advocated as a healthy routine. Dr. Zhe stated that their findings challenged the commonly held beliefs that napping during the day helps elevate performance and help alleviate the issues arising due to inadequate sleep time at night.

Sleep on its own is an essential aspect of health and the functionality of humans. You only have to look at professional athletes who need their bodies in peak condition as a means of livelihood to derive the importance of sleep. Sleep helps lower stress levels, lowering blood pressure, aids in improving your body’s immunity, and precipitates the body’s recovery process.

Naps have also proven to be very beneficial as they spur on relaxation, help reduce tiredness easily lowers stress levels, and improve your memory. However, when taken out of hand, naps can create issues with nighttime routines in the aspect of warped sleep pattern.

The study indicated that longer duration naps (beyond an hour’s length of nap time) were linked to an increase in death rate and heightened cardiovascular diseases was brought before the European Society of Cardiology Congress for this year. Congress was in a digital format.

In the research, a total of 313,651 participants took part in the study, whereby a total of 39% took naps. The findings established that naps that outlasted the time frame of an hour were linked with a 30% increase in deaths of all causes and a 34% increase in the risk of cardiovascular diseases. In women, those who napped had a 22% higher risk of death compared to those who didn’t nap.

Other studies have linked long naps with an increased rate of inflammation, which can affect the heart. Some research has indicated that naps connect to high blood pressure, diabetes, and a worse health condition.

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