Most Americans Prefer Family Staycations Rather Than Vacations, Study Finds

If they haven’t gone somewhere this summer, 3 in 5 Americans believe they have wasted their time. According to a survey of 2,000 persons, 58% of them are either considering or have already booked a summer vacation for this year. When they were children, the typical participant took four separate trips each year.

Most  people loved vacation as kids (42%)

Therefore, it should come as no surprise at least two in five (42%) believe that vacations were their favorite form of travel as a child, surpassing both family reunions (41%) and educational field excursions (25%) in this regard (35% ).

The study, which OnePoll carried out on account of Roadpass Digital, asked participants to consider how their earlier travels might have influenced their present plans. More people are keen on organizing “staycations” these days than they were several years ago, with nearly two-thirds (63%) of respondents preferring staycations.

Are family holidays at home the future of travel?

This might be a result of issues that aren’t quite as prominent in consumers’ thoughts in prior years, such as the confusion regarding the pandemic (cited by 59% of respondents as a worry for this summer) and congestion (cited by 55%). Another 63%, perhaps as a result of similar concerns, prefer to travel in their own state more in the summertime than other times of the year.

Whether or not they spent their childhood summer vacations in their home state, 68% of respondents have positive memories of doing so, and 71% say they like the romanticism that occurs with visiting former vacation spots. In addition, three out of five people would think about going back to those places, but if they could re-evaluate their travel itinerary.

The biggest adjustments: over half (51%) might shorten their visit, and 42% would choose a different mode of transportation than they did when they were children. In fact, around 65% of respondents claim they wish to travel differently from their parents or legal guardians when taking family vacations.

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