Most Americans Live in the Moment Now Than Pre-pandemic, Study Finds

A survey of 2,000 Americans over 21 has revealed that over 65% have the “seize the day” mindset. Interestingly 66% say that they live in the moment, with 74% indicating they focus on the future relative to pre-pandemic.

The pandemic changed trends in how people treat themselves 

Surprisingly the pandemic has also changed how people treat themselves now than before. Most people indulge by enjoying their favorite drink (21%), shopping online (21%), and having “me time” (25%).

According to the survey, the average person treats themselves around six times a month. According to 32% of participants, a treat is something enjoyable, with 27% looking at its quality while 24% consider the fun factor. 

People love treating themselves during the weekend (39%). However, compared to previous years, 66% of the respondents said they could consider treating themselves over the week, with 68% saying that treating themselves during a weekday is more special. 

The typical respondent estimates that a treat typically costs them $83. Yet, 74% concur that just because something costs more money doesn’t necessarily indicate it’s a better reward. Furthermore, you should not have to blow money to indulge in pleasures that make you happy. Any day may be made more delicious by drinking high-quality, approachable wines.

People are more likely to drink a glass of wine during the week than before 

A quarter (26%) of people won’t deprive themselves of their preferred glass of wine. So it is unsurprising that 62% of respondents said they currently drink more wine than they did three years before. In addition, 74% of people are more inclined to open a bottle on a workday than before the pandemic.

There are different times for Americans to crack open their preferred wine bottle. Three out of ten people think spending time with loved ones is the greatest. Nonetheless, 27% of the respondents claim it occurs on weekends, and 23% claim weeknights are similarly affected. The top wine types that people like are sparkling (45%), white (51%), and red (58%). 

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