Mortality Risk Due To Stomach Cancer High in Single People, Study Finds

Could living alone increase one’s risk of developing cancer? According to a recent study, single people are more likely to die of stomach cancer.

Married people more likely to get an early cancer diagnosis 

Contrarily, patients with wives are more inclined to get an earlier cancer diagnosis, supporting the notion that is having a partner shields people from dying too young. According to research authors, a consideration that doctors should consider when estimating a patient’s prognosis is whether or not they are single.

Regarding survival rates, married individuals, followed by single persons and separated individuals, had the best odds.

First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University’s professor Aman Xu said, “Married people tend to be better off financially. They may also receive emotional encouragement.”

The third most common cancer in the world that leads to death is stomach cancer. Every year, it kills about 11,000 people in the US alone.

Married people had a 72% probability of survival 

The best probability of surviving, at 72%, was for married people. Women performed better than men overall, scoring 76% versus 69%. On the contrary, widows (61%) and widowers (51%) had the worst survival rates. Overall, women did better than males, with female divorcees outliving their male counterparts.

Further investigation revealed that tumor size, surgery, stage, age at diagnosis, and molecular findings were all independent predictive variables. The data were utilized to create a nomogram that the investigators used to forecast the 3- and 5-year survival rates.

According to the study’s findings, marital status had a mediocre impact on survival. The best prognosis for cancer was for married people and unmarried people. Those who had been divorced had the poorest outlook.

According to the team, the size of the tumor was the main contributory factor to death risk or recurrence. The study did not consider genetic or behavioral factors, including nutrition and lifestyle, which could contribute to observed gender disparities.

Prof Xu explained, “All patients diagnosed with early stage [gastric cancer] can use our nomogram to assess their prognostic risk after receiving corresponding treatment.” 

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