Medicare Changes To Consider In 2021 Before Making Health Insurance Decisions

Medicare coverage policies usually go through some revisions each year, and such changes may have significant changes to subscribers. Such changes are usually published to give subscribers a chance to adjust their coverage plans between November 15 and December 7.

The biggest Medicare changes in 2021 will affect those subscribed to the Medicare Advantage plan. Here are some important changes that you should know about, especially if you plan to enroll for the Medicare Advantage plan or if you are already subscribed.

There are new options for long-term care coverage 

Medicare’s long-term coverage is not really considered comprehensive. Medicare Advantage or Original Medicare plans previously only covered rehabilitative care or skill services for 100 days maximum. Both options have been limited for a long time, especially for seniors, even though Medicare Advantage provides supplemental coverage. Medicare Advantage plans will feature expanded home care services as part of the 2021 changes, including supplemental coverage.

Telehealth services will feature more coverage

More people are embracing telehealth services where they consult medical practitioners to comfort their own homes through video calls. Recent Medicare changes will include covering some Telehealth services such as virtual check-ins and e-visits. Some of the telehealth services covered include endocrinology, gynecology, psychiatry, dermatology, and cardiology, but coverage will depend on the package you subscribe to. Confirm what will be covered in the different packages before subscribing.

Seniors diagnosed with the end-stage renal disease will have more coverage options

Medicare offerings in the past have provided few benefits to individuals suffering from end-stage renal disease (ESRD). They were previously only allowed to apply for Medicare Advantage under special circumstances. However, the latest medicare changes will allow ESRD patients to subscribe to Medicare Advantage with less friction. The changes will also likely reduce the amount of money that patients will be required to pay out-of-pocket. For example, there is a $6,700 spending cap for Medical Advantage members compared to the $15,000 spending cap that was in place in the previous year.

Consider making Medicare adjustments before enrollment

Medicare coverage can be made once a year or during enrollment, which means that those planning to subscribe should carefully consider which package best suits their preferences. Ample research is important before making the final decision.

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