Medical Researchers And Apple Inc Engineers Team Up To Explore The Use Of Smartwatches To Track Parkinson’s Disease

Patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease might soon be able to track and manage their condition more effectively thanks to smartwatches like the Apple Watch. The disease affects the nervous system and has no cure. Existing medications slow down disease progression, allowing patients to function normally for longer through proper management and medical care. The ongoing research seeks to make it easier for Parkinson’s disease patients to effectively keep track of their condition.

Researchers from numerous U.S-based institutions recently published the results of a pilot trial in which they developed Apple Watch app called Motor Fluctuations Monitor for Parkinson’s Disease. The app is designed to track Parkinson’s disease progression. The clinical trial was conducted for six months and involved 225 patients. The study findings are available in the Science Translational Medicine journal.

How does it all tie in together?

The app leverages the ambulatory monitoring system in the Apple Watch to keep track of resting tremors and dyskinesia in Parkinson’s disease patients. The system can detect changes especially in patients’ symptoms. For example, it can facilitate monitoring of how well patients respond to treatment based on reduced symptoms and how long the changes last after medication. The technology may help determine which treatments are more effective, making it easier to manage the mental condition. Source: (Science Translational Medicine)

The smartwatch-based monitoring system for Parkinson’s disease could be a game changer

The latest research highlights the value of smartwatches as important tools for collecting vital data. Researchers claim that more data collected through the Apple Watch devices may help improve treatments. The data can be used to adjust medical doses in patients to match individual needs.

The smartwatch approach also improves the ease of managing the disease through better monitoring. The traditional approach to managing the disease involves regular tests conducted by doctors, meaning patients have to schedule hospital visits regularly. Those visits are often spaced months apart, meaning there is a lot of time in-between, where the condition is not closely monitored.

The Motor Fluctuations Monitor app has a lot of potential as a tool that delivers consistent rea-time data that can be used to improve treatment for Parkinson’s disease patients. The app is a great example of technology being used to improve medical care.

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