Meal Delivery Services Gives Rise To $2.2 Billion Industry And Growing

The delivery of meals to homes has given rise to one of the biggest and fastest-growing segments in the multi-billion food industry. With the segment, growing at a 30% annualized rate, it might only be a matter of time before sales surpass the $2.2 billion generated in recent years.

Seniors Fuelling Meal Delivery Services

The growth does not come as a surprise, given that more people are refraining from cooking from home for one or more reasons and opting for meal delivery services. The fact that some of the meal delivery services are making it easier for people to eat healthy on a budget all but affirms the strong demand in the market.

Senior citizens might as well be the catalyst fuelling the growth in the meal delivery service industry. As more people age, cooking is becoming a challenge that very few of them can handle. Likewise, most of them have turned to meal delivery service to furnish their eating habits. Meal delivery service are also becoming increasingly popular with senior citizens given their ability to provide recipes as well as pre-portioned ingredients of healthy and delicious meals.

Blue Apron and HelloFresh are some of the services that are taking the meal delivery industry by storm. The two are already operating a subscription-based service that allows people to place orders and have meal kits as well as cooked meals delivered on a regular basis. The delivered meals come with recipes printed indicating all the ingredients and how to prepare them.

The delivered meals come packaged with well-insulated cartons as well as cooking packs that ensure meals reach the final consumer in the best state while adhering to the highest health standards. The fresh meals delivered can last up to 24 hours upon delivery and up to five days upon refrigeration.

Cost Savings

Cost savings is one of the reasons why most people are turning to meal delivery services in the U.S. Meals cost, on average of $9 to $12 each. Delivery services of the likes of Blue Apron charge about $60 a week for two people and about $70 per week for a meal of four.

The delivery services make it possible for people to save money on not having to drive to grocery stores to buy ingredients for preparing meals. The delivery services also deliver all the necessary ingredients for preparing meals pre-portioned and pre-prepped, thus ensuring nothing goes to waste. Likewise, the services make it possible to save on time as well as money on making it possible to prepare meals with ease.

Contrary to perception, meal delivery services are not a precept of people with expendable income, let alone exceptional cooking skills. The fact that there are more than 100 delivery services in the industry affirms their need in the market. Such services are ideal for anyone, regardless of age, cooking skills, and dietary needs.

With meal delivery services, you are always sure to find a meal kit fitting any underlying need, let alone choice. The services offer a wide variety of options for choosing various dietary options such as vegan, gluten-free pale, or Diabetic. For people who do not have time to cook, the delivery services also do offer ready to eat meals.

Therefore, meal delivery services are a game-changer for anyone who does not want to undergo the hassle around preparing meals. With such services, you do not have to look up for recipes as everything comes pre-pepped with simple instructions to follow. Some of the meal kits are already prepared and only need to be cooked. In addition, most of the meals can be prepared using a few pot and pan, thus ensuring no much cleanup is needed at the end.

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