Majority of Americans Overlooking Flu Vaccine This Year, To Mask Instead

The flu season is here, but most Americans are not ready to get the flu shot, but they would wear a mask instead to keep off germs. According to a National Foundation for Infectious Diseases (NFID) survey, only 49% of American adults are planning to get the flu shot this year. 

Americans are overlooking the flu vaccine this year

Surprisingly, most people are against getting the flu vaccine even though they believe it is the best protection. One in five Americans at high risk of flu-related complications indicates they will not go for the shit. 

According to CDC, individuals at risk of severe outcomes of flu infection include pregnant women, seniors above 65, individuals with underlying conditions, and children below five years. 

However, CDC director Rochelle Walensky says that flu vaccination is the best way of protection against the flu. Approximately 69% of Americans agree that the flu vaccine is the best protection against flu-related deaths and hospitalization.

Nevertheless, more American adults favor masking as a kind of flu defense. Moreover, in contrast to their intention to be immunized, more Americans (58%) planned to mask at least occasionally this flu season.

Why Americans are not getting the flu shot

According to NFID, 41% are unsure or don’t plan to get the flu vaccine this year. The main justifications for not getting the vaccine include a lack of confidence in the effectiveness of the latest flu shots and worries about possible negative effects. Others claimed they rarely catch the virus. While some people thought the flu wasn’t a terrible illness, others were worried they would become sick if they got the vaccine.

The CDC stated that although the flu virus could result in a minor sickness, there is a chance of developing a serious illness that, in rare circumstances, may even be fatal.

According to NFID Medical Director William Schaffner, most Americans are deciding against getting the flu vaccine because of the current COVID-19 pandemic. Schaffner said that Americans have forgotten about the flu vaccine with the pandemic.

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