Major Plot Holes in the Original Star Wars Trilogy

After such a long time of their existence, the original Star Wars movies have become true classics. We all love them and insist on it that they are the best Star Wars movies (they are!) that it’s kind of normal that we forget all the major plot holes those movies have. And boy do they have them. It’s easy to forget these things when the movies are such massive hits and so deeply engraved in our minds as something truly great.

The first thing that comes to mind is Leia’s lack of emotional response when Alderaan gets blown up. It’s her home planet, the one she was born on and spent so much of her time. Most importantly, most of the people she ever knew were on it! She is just shocked and then we never see her grieving or talk about it. It’s a bit strange and when I first watched A New Hope, I honestly completely forgot that that was her home planet; precisely because of this.

When it comes to blowing up planets, why didn’t the Empire use the Death Star to blow up the planet Yavin at the end of the movie? They are orbiting the planet and waiting to be able to blow up the moon where the rebels are. Because of that waiting, the rebels have the chance to destroy the Death Star. Why not just blow the planet and in the process destroy the moon? They’ve already shown us that they are perfectly willing to blow up a planet…

What about those giant AT-ATs? They can clearly only shoot from the front, and the rebels keep attacking them from the front and dying in the process. Why not attack them from the back and get blown into pieces? On that note, why do these giant killing machines have giant yet thin legs? They seem to be pretty convenient to, I don’t know, tie down with cables and get the walkers to trip in the process…

There are many plot holes but those will have to be covered in another article. This could turn into a book in the end…

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