Lawsuits Against Michael Jackson Could Be Resurrected Under New California Law

There is a likelihood of a resurrection of two cases filed against late Michael Jackson for molesting two men. A California appeals court could reconsider the case accusing Jackson of molesting two men when they were young boys.

Appeals Court resurrects case against two Michael Jackson entities

A three-judge bench gave a tentative ruling indicating that the lawsuits from Wade Robson and James Safechuck should be reconsidered. The two sued two corporate entities associated with Jackson, but a trial court dismissed the suits in 2017. Safechuck, 41, and Robson, 37, were part of a broad audience in the HBO documentary “Leaving Neverland.” They aired their accusations at the beginning of this year, and on Monday, they together heard the brief.

The tentative ruling does not resurrect Jackson’s estate as a defendant. As a result, the 2015 ruling that dismissed that part of the suit will stand. Defendants in the suit will be two corporate entities MJJ Ventures Inc. and MJJ productions Inc.

In 2005 Robson testified in Jackson’s criminal case, but the court determined that Jackson was innocent. The court established that Jackson had never mistreated or molested Robson

Their attorney Vince Finaldi indicated that they were pleased as this was the right decision. He added that all the two ever wanted was a day in court.

The new law gives a new lease to sex abuse victims

Howard Weitzman, the attorney of Jackson estate, agreed with the decision of resurrecting the cases. This is according to a new law in California signed by Governor Newsom. He, however, indicates that the ruling was not on the merits of the allegations but the requirement of the new law. He equally said that the court has not said that the lawsuits could go to trial.

The court previously dismissed the lawsuits considering statutes of limitation had lapsed. However, they now have a chance of revival under the new law. The law gives a chance to sex abuse victims up to 40 years up from 26 to file cases. Equally as from January, victims of all ages will have a three-year window to file a lawsuit.

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