Kate Perry’s Mother Spoils The Singer’s Wine-Themed Pregnancy

Kate Perry’s wine-themed pregnancy reveal has been ruined by her mother! Reports indicate that the singer’s mother spoke to SiriusXM’s Mikey Piff, letting the cat out of the bag. Katy and Orlando, who happens to be the father of the unborn child, hadn’t anticipated for the information to come from the mother. The surprise has been ruined already, and Kate has decided to let out everything!

Kate expecting a child soon

It was on Thursday that the couple made the announcement outlining that they were expecting a child. They admit that matters didn’t go as smoothly as they had anticipated. However, they are glad that soon they will be able to hold their first child in their hands, and that is what matters.

Asides from giving birth to her first child, Perry revealed that her fanbase should expect something soon. The singer may be launching a new hit soon and encourages fans to be on the lookout. She used the term double whammy to refer to the double surprise she would be treating the fans to.

Perry, just like the rest of the celebrities, has had her share of great times and also the lows. The outstanding attribute about the singer is how strong she has always come out whenever she faced criticism.

Kate’s take on the matter

The celebrity resorted to Instagram to make the revelation. One thing that came out is the teasing mood in the statements that she made. The songbird likened the release of her new song in months to come as one of the ways she would be giving birth. According to her, summer comes with a great promise for her and to her fans as well. She says that giving birth will be in both the literary sense as well as in the figurative sense. She outlined that she knew her fans had been waiting to listen to something fresh from her and promises that she won’t disappoint.

Katy doesn’t seem much bothered by her mum’s actions. She says that her mother must have been guided by her intuition to be able to tell about her condition. Her fans will be closely watching to see how the transformational moment for the singer turns out!

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