How to Whiten Your Teeth

Teeth whitening in the US is a billion-dollar industry. In 2015 alone, Americans spent about $11 billion on teeth whitening, with $1.4 going to purchasing at-home teeth whitening products.

Knowing how to safely whiten your teeth is crucial as many whitening products in the market can be damaging to your teeth.

How to maintain white teeth at home

A good diet can go a long way in keeping your teeth white. Certain foods and beverages such as tea, coffee, soy sauce and red wine are known to stain your teeth, so it is best to avoid them. Instead, try eating foods such as fruits and vegetables and reduce your intake of sugary foods.

Getting plaque removed from your teeth professionally can be very expensive. For this reason, you might opt for at-home remedies to keep your teeth white. One such remedy is oil pulling. Oil pulling is an Ayurveda traditional remedy that works a lot like using a mouth wash. Swish an edible oil in your mouth for a few minutes, then spit it out. You will need to do this regularly for white teeth. However, keep in mind that there is little scientific evidence to back up its effectiveness.

A more reliable method is using toothpaste brands with baking soda. According to numerous studies, baking soda can whiten your teeth. On top of that, it creates alkaline conditions in your mouth that limit bacterial growth.

In case you have no access to toothpaste that contains baking soda, you could add a teaspoon of it to your regular toothpaste along with a few drops of lemon juice. Mix the concoction and use it to brush your teeth. Use it regularly to see results.

Teeth-whitening kits such as the Luelli kit can also come in handy. Using it regularly could help you save on money spent at the dentist’s office.

Getting plaque removed professionally

Getting your dentists to remove your plaque can go between $75-$400. This depends on the method used, your dental insurance and your age.

The dentist can remove plaque from your teeth manually using a scalar (a device with a hook at the end) and a curette. They could also use ultrasonic instruments.

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