How to Reduce the Likelihood of Developing Dementia

Harvard T.H Chan School of Public Health reports that about 47 million people globally have dementia. This condition refers to any form of memory loss and cognitive decline. The most common form of the disease is Alzheimer’s disease. While the number of people with dementia is already high, new reports indicate that this number could triple by 2050.

While the future might seem bleak, scientists are working hard to ensure they can cure or prevent dementia from developing. Meanwhile, there are many ways people can protect themselves.

Cardiac health could lower the risk of dementia

Scientists have found that good cardiac health could reduce the likelihood of developing dementia by 50%. This goes for people with or without a family history of dementia. People with a genetic history of dementia are often twice more likely to develop it. Fortunately, working out to promote heart health significantly reduces this figure.

Other studies have shown that mentally stimulating jobs could lower the risk of dementia. The reason is that keeping yourself mentally active prevents some proteins from forming. These proteins often prevent the brain from making new connections.

Social support for the elderly is vital 

Having a sound support system also reduces the likelihood of developing dementia. This tip is constructive for older adults. Those that have relatives who constantly visit them and show support are more likely to maintain their cognition. Married couples could also benefit from the support they show each other.

Moreover, this finding showed the necessity of providing social supper to older adults as many are alone.

Having a healthy lifestyle is essential for your physical health studies have also shown that it could involve your neural health. A healthy lifestyle could include various activities such as exercising, eating a balanced diet, and avoiding stress.

Studies have also found that maintaining regular social contact with the people in your life could go a long way in lowering the risk for dementia. One study shows that having a full social life at 60 years old could prevent the condition. For this reason, people could strive to have a healthy social life where they meet with their friends frequently.

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