How To Pack Efficiently To Avoid Hefty Baggage Fees At The Airport

Taking a flight requires a lot of financial planning, from purchasing expensive air tickets and paying for a cab or Uber ride to the airport. However, there are expensive hidden fees that often catch many people off-guard, such as overweight baggage charges.

You will likely have to pay between $100 and $200 at airlines if your luggage weighs over 50 lbs. Some Asian routes charge as much as $450 on top of regular luggage fees. This is why you should consider packing light when traveling to avoid unexpected charges. Here are some tips on how to efficiently pack for a flight.

Consider the weather at your destination.

Conduct some research about the weather or climate situation for the location where you are visiting. Pack what you need based on this information. For example, if you wish to visit a location with a lot of sunshine, consider packing light clothes and shoes. Determine how long you will be there and pack accordingly. If you wish to visit a tropical region for about two weeks, one pair of open shoes will do, and you will wear the other pair. You will also not need to carry jackets or heavy clothes for such destinations, thus reducing the baggage.

Do not carry electronics unless they are necessary.

The only electronic device you might need to carry is your laptop, its charger, perhaps maybe a tablet if you do not need a laptop, and of course your phone. These are light electronic devices that you can place in a small backpack.

Be keen on what you are purchasing.

If you travel abroad, the chances are that you will purchase items such as clothes and souvenirs from that exotic destination you will visit. Be keen on how much you purchase to avoid surpassing the weight threshold. You will likely surpass the weight threshold if you are an impulse buyer. If that is the case,  you need to set aside cash to pay for the extra baggage, thus avoiding inconveniences.

Avoid items that will likely be flagged at the airport.

Some items such as guns, fireworks, and many others are prohibited at airports. Consider this information before you pack anything that might raise eyebrows. Also, check whether there are any items in your suitcase or backpack before you start packing to avoid items that might put you in trouble.

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