How to Identify Fruits With High Nutritional Value

Fruits are a crucial part of our diets, with experts recommending we eat about five servings each day. However, many people don’t understand the nutritional value of fruits and which fruits to choose.

Whole fruits are healthier than fruit juices

Knowing how to take fruits is essential. If you are trying to add fiber to your diet, you might choose whole fruit over fruit juices. Whole fruits have many more benefits than fruits juices as they have less sugar and are more filling. However, this doesn’t mean you should avoid fruit juices. Instead, take about 4-8 ounces each day.

Frozen and dried fruits are an alternative to organic fruits 

Many grocery stores sell frozen fruit. These can often be more convenient since they are peeled and cut. Moreover, they are cheaper. However, shoppers should avoid frozen fruits with added sugars.

Like frozen fruits, dried fruits could also contain added sugars. Fruits that grocery stores sell as dried include apricot, pineapples, and raisin. These fruits have high nutritional value, many calories, and are convenient.

Other dried fruits such as apricots and raisins have sulfur dioxide to maintain their color and freshness. While this is not a problem for most people, others could be sensitive to it, like those with asthma. Fortunately, manufacturers label fruits with sulfur dioxide on the package to make them easier to avoid.

There are many reasons to choose organic fruits over dried and frozen ones. One such reason is the environmental impact they could have. Despite this, the nutritional value is not significant, making them suitable to eat.

While all fruits are healthy, they don’t have the same nutritional value. For example, citrus fruits have more vitamin C than other fruits. Bananas and avocado, on the other hand, are good sources of potassium. People need to understand the nutrients in the fruits they buy to help them meet their nutritional needs.

However, keep in mind that all fruits have essential nutrients. For this reason, it is crucial to prioritize variety. You could also try to eat fruits in season because they’ll be cheaper then. Furthermore, whole fruits are always a better choice than fruit juices.

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