How to Get a Custom Prepaid Debit Card

Custom prepaid debit cards do not differ from standard prepaid cards in terms of their functions, but if you customize your prepaid debit card (prepaid credit card), you can show personal and unique images.

One does not need a bank account to utilize a prepaid debit card, as opposed to a regular debit card. A prepaid card has many features, such as fraud prevention restrictions, among others.

Definition of the Custom Prepaid Debit Card

With a prepaid debit card, one can customize the picture on the card by uploading a photo or artwork. The personalized debit card is a standard reloadable card whereby one can control the deposit cash amount and never worry about the overdraft fee.

It is also important to note that a secured credit card offers credit while a reloadable card doesn’t. A secured card may come with mobile banking applications with money transfer options. However, a debit card issues money transfers without the features of mobile banking.

Card customization is an optional offering of many debit cards. Cardholders can replace the card’s generic design for a nominal fee, and one may be able to customize their best visa card or credit card.

The majority of the cards offer the applicant a selection of at least three to five designs. The images are remarkable at best. However, when you decide to use yours, you can create an account that suits your personality.

How does one obtain a custom prepaid card

The process of getting a customized prepaid card is almost the same as the other reviewed cards. First, we begin with the application process for your account, after which the applicant will have a selection of basic designs from which to choose.

The Applicant will, however, be in a position to highlight a custom design at the time of or before the card activation by uploading a photo and paying the requisite fee. Accepted image formats include TIFF, BMP, GIF, PNG, and JPEG.

However, there are certain types of photographs that are not allowed due to one reason or the other. They include celebrity and public figures, marijuana, tobacco, alcohol, among others.

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