How To Cope After a Traumatic Event

Events such as a natural catastrophe, illness, attacks, or accidents are traumatic. These events elicit strong reactions from people and might induce stress. While the effects of a traumatic event often disappear on their own, this is not always the case. For this reason, there are ways to deal with trauma.

How to deal with trauma 

One way to deal with trauma is to avoid making any life-changing decisions. These adjustments could be a result of fairly judgments thus should be postponed. Moreover, making life-changing decisions could add to the stress you are already experiencing from trauma.

Another way to deal with trauma is to avoid overworking yourself. While you might appreciate the distraction, you need time to process what you have been through. Therefore you should take time before going to your usual routine.

It is easy to drown your feelings with alcohol and drugs after a traumatic incident. However, this can be worse for your mental health. Moreover, they can take a toll on your physical health.

It would be best if you also allowed yourself to express your emotions. It is never healthy to keep your feeling bottled up after a nasty incident. In addition, you should be patient with yourself. Progress can sometimes feel slow, but it is still vital to keep trying.

Talking about your experiences to people willing to listen can also be helpful. For this reason, you could reach out to friends and family and explain what you went through.

Somatic therapies to deal with trauma 

Most people don’t need a mental health expert for traumatic stress disorder as they help by themselves. However, some may need a little assistance. Finding a suitable psychologist can help you develop healthy ways to cope with your stress.

Some therapists use body-based or somatic treatments to treat traumatic stress disorder. This includes somatic experiencing, where a specialist helps you relieve your experience in a safe space.

Some therapists also use acupoints to apply pressure to certain areas of your body to relieve tension. They could also use therapies that involve touches, such as healing touch or Reiki. Sensorimotor therapy is also another technique. Here people transform traumatic experiences into a source of strength through body-based methods.

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