How Smiling Could Improve Your Mental and Physical Health

For a long time now, scientists have believed that laughing could make you healthier. However, what fewer people know is that smiling has the same effect. Research has found that smiling could have both physical and mental benefits to your health.

Smiling produces endorphins

One of the benefits smiling can have to your mental health is releasing endorphins. This hormone is regarded as endogenous morphine as it is structurally similar and serves the same function. Endorphins increase happiness levels and reduce stress, anxiety and physical pain.

Scientists have conducted studies into the effect of endorphins released when smiling in pain. In one study, the researchers found that people who smiled while being injected experienced half the pain compared to those who didn’t when getting an injection. Researchers believed that the endorphins produced during smiling were a reason for this.

Smiling can also reduce stress without endorphins. Scientists have found that smiling even when you feel sad can alleviate your stress. It causes the brain to release neuropeptides which play a role in stress reduction.

Smiling can also affect your cardiac health as it reduces blood pressure. Many factors, including stress, can raise your blood pressure. Smiling can, however, counteract the effect of stress on your heart.

Smiling increases physical endurance 

Studies have also shown that smiling can increase physical endurance. The reason is that smiling makes people feel like they are using less effort. Moreover, the amount of endurance someone has is determined by the effort they feel they are using.

Increasing insurance could be especially helpful for athletes. Studies have shown that they use less energy in their activities when they smile. Furthermore, athletes generally felt like they were working harder when they frowned. Since it might not always be easy to smile while doing strenuous activity, you could try listening to happy music or a funny podcast while on your next jog to help you smile.

Smiling also positively affected your relationships as people reacted better to you when you smiled. It helps your co-workers view you as more trustworthy than those who don’t, thus helping you go further in your career. Smiling also makes people believe you are more likeable; hence they are more comfortable forming a relationship with you.

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