How Parents Can Help Their Children Develop Skills for Success

Many parents focus on their children’s extracurricular activities and grades to help them become successful. However, the Center on the Developing Child, Harvard, reports that it is more important to help children develop a set of skills that will help them through life’s challenges.

Executive functions children should develop

The Center on the Developing Child refers to these skills as executive function. Parents must help their children strengthen these skills to increase their happiness and success in life.

There are five essential core skills. These include planning, flexibility, focus, awareness, and self-control. Children typically meant these skills as they grow. Nevertheless, there are two crucial stages when they can learn. These are early childhood between the age of 3 and 5 and adolescence to early adulthood between the ages of 13 and 26.

How children can master executive functions

Parents can help their children master these skills by letting them practice. There are many ways to practice. For example, parents should occasionally involve their children in planning. They could ask for suggestions regarding a day’s activities or involve them in planning a trip.

With the increased use of screens, it is now more important than ever to enforce screen time for your children. Parents should also play by these rules. Instead of using your gadgets, set time apart to do family activities.

Reflecting on your habits is crucial when teaching children about self-control. Children learn a lot from our actions. Therefore, we must avoid negatively reacting to a bad situation. Instead, talk to them about feelings and how they can deal with their emotions. Moreover, help them understand how their actions affect those around them.

While we always center all our activities around our children, this is not always a good thing. Children need to adjust when things don’t go their way. For this reason, it is essential to try and have a more accommodating schedule.

Teaching your children awareness will help them become successful. Help them practice this skill by letting them talk about the good and bad parts of their day. Moreover, you can visit places where you watch and listen.

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