How Americans Stuff Themselves Over The Weeklong Stress

Studies show that up to two-thirds of Americans treat their weekend meals as a reward for overcoming another work week. Out of 2000 people who took part in the survey, 68% expressed how much they long for their weekend eats after a stressful week. Only two out of five agreed to have eaten quality food during weekends than they consume throughout the week. That said, slightly over 50% of all Americans believe that eating is a kind of therapy.

The study conducted by OnePoll and commissioned by Screamin’ Sicilian Pizza found out that 59% of Americans often feel too tired to cook anything after work. One out of three admitted that they do not want to cook as they can’t decide what to eat, while another 31% don’t cook for fear of doing dishes. All this is due to the stress that people experience during the day. 43% of Americans feel they are pushed to their limit by the time it is Friday. While people feel so stressed during the week, a staggering 44% won’t drop their working hours before the weekends.

Everyone Woks For The Weekend

The survey found out that half of the American population value their weekends so much and would do something for their enjoyment lest the weekend would have gone to waste. At times what people buy from the groceries relates to the amount of stress the previous week had. Six people out of 10 purchase pre-made or easy-to-cook meals to prepare for the stressful week ahead. Americans buy up to four easy-to-cook or premade meals, on average, each week. 49% of people usually prepare a special meal three days in advance to consume when they have a stressful or bad day.

Americans Are Consuming Frozen Foods

51% of Americans admitted they long for pizza, while 34% look forward to burgers and pasta. Another 34% can’t resist barbeques during the weekend. Now that most have been sitting at home due to the pandemic, most have admitted to increased consumption of frozen foods, e.g., frozen pizza, frozen sandwich meals, frozen vegetables, etc.

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