Here is What Research Says About Sharing Intimate Photos With Your Partner

Chances are that you might have sent the wrong text to a friend that was for someone. You are not alone because a new study has revealed that one in three Americans admits to having accidentally sent a dirt text to someone. 

Sending nudes common among Generation Z individuals

The survey polled 2,000 adults and found that a third of respondents admit to having accidentally sent a nude photo of themselves to someone. Although 43% of the respondents feel that a nude photo is taboo, Generation Z seemed to be the most open-minded. The majority of participants (54%) like “sexting” via text messages and online media. In contrast, over half of Americans (54%) feel that there ought to be minimal shame associated with consenting adults exchanging these images.

According to the report, people typically share more personal images than they do of others. Around 29% of those who send nude images say they do it once per month or more, while 52% of individuals who so say they share them at least once per week. Keeping up long-distance relationships, being requested by a lover, or looking attractive are some of the reasons given by many for using sexting, while 42% claim they did it because they felt like it.

People worry about privacy despite sharing nudes. 

Although people enjoy sexting, they are still concerned about their privacy, with four in five people worrying that their nude pictures might end up in the wrong hands. Close to 695 feel that I the nudes land in the wrong hands, they can be used against them. Additionally, 79% of the respondents are concerned that people have their photos saved on their devices. The privacy concern is even those who have never sent a nude photo worry about them being shared and hurting their reputation. 

According to Intimacy expert and sexologist Shan Boodram sharing nudes can be a healthy expression between lovers. However, Boodram warns that one should create a code of trust with their partner before sharing the photos. 

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