Here are Three Steps To Help Manager Detect Employee Burnout

If you feel exhausted, tired, and dissatisfied with the feeling increasing gradually, it could be a sign of burnout. The initial symptoms of employee burnout include hypersensitive feedback responses, unusual days offs, and reduced engagement in daily duties. On the other hand, if you are a thoughtful and attentive manager, you should see signs of burnout early and prevent them. Here are steps to help you detect employee burnout and handle it with the help of the Headway application. 

Regularly engage employees one-on-one.

To know how your employees are doing, you should regularly engage them to know their mental state. Having one-on-one engagement with your employees to discuss their personal development, task satisfaction, overall conditions, more expansive work plans, work-life balance, and challenges can offer insight into whether employees are experiencing burnout. This is instrumental in creating a relationship with employees so that you can understand when one is on edge or not. 

Establish a career path to enable employees to grow 

A thoughtful manager needs to be aware of employee achievements, track progress to enhance job satisfaction and be capable of analyzing failures. If you don’t understand your employee’s career goals, it will be challenging to celebrate achievements. It is essential to point out that if employees have worked for a long in your company without a definitive career path, they are prone to be disinterested in work. As a result, burnout is like to increase substantially. 

Promoting wellness at work

Nowadays, businesses and companies are more concerned about the wellness of their employees. But do not be left out. Arranging activities such as yoga, gym, team building, places where employees can unwind or meditate, or organizing sports could reduce workplace stress. 

The Headway application could be a great tool to help your employees avoid burnout. The application can help in enhancing attention and relieving stress. Employees only need a 10-15 minute break to listen, read, or watch a topic that interests them before returning to or rejuvenating with fresh insights and thoughts. 

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