Evidence Shows Gun Violence as Long-Term Impact On Future Generations of Children

There is a lot of discussion regarding what should be done to prevent shootings, such as the killing of 19 children and two adults in a school in Uvalde, Texas, some weeks back. In the wake of the back and forth regarding arming teachers and banning guns, the major concern is how gun violence affects this generation of children.

Evidence shows that gun violence affects the mental health of children 

 There is mounting evidence that childhood experiences with violence, hardship, chronic stress, abuse, or even chronic instability have long-lasting effects on children’s bodies and brains. These traumatic childhood events put one’s body on high alert and continuously activate the fight-or-flight reflexes. The burden on the body raises the chance of cancer, heart disease, chronic diseases, chronic pain, and even shortens lifespan. It also increases the risk of anxiety, depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. The way the brain is built and wired can essentially alter as a result of stress.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that more weapons increase the chance of homicide when we discuss arming teachers and stationing more armed police at schools. It’s crucial to keep in mind that a significant number of kid fatalities result from accidental home shootings each year. In actuality, firearms now kill more children than automobile accidents combined.

In the wake of horrific shooting incidents like Uvalde, Parkland, and Sandy Hook, arming the people is an acceptable reaction, yet, statistics suggest that this strategy may not be the most effective. Guns aren’t always used in the way we would like them to be, and violence only breeds more violence.

There are other stressors affecting children 

Besides guns, there are other stressors like community violence, poverty, racism, child abuse, and other forms of intolerance that are likely to change the generation in unprecedented ways. Children are growing in communities, and the world is increasingly becoming scary.  We must put aside our differences and work together to find solutions that promote children’s well-being and health if we care about the future and our children.

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