Dog Owners Feel Their Pets are More Popular

Many pet owners agree that their pets are always the stars of the show. However, a new study reveals that the pandemic is just enhancing its status in the spotlight. Two in three pet owners actually believe that their pets enjoy a better social life than they do. In addition, half of them believe that their pets have more friends than them.

Making new friends

In the survey conducted on 2,000 dog owners, more than 80% are concerned that their pets haven’t been socializing enough during the quarantine period. Yet, ironically, 60% of them say that their dogs have gotten to see their “friends” more in the same period. Despite the many restrictions on play date options, the average American dog has made three new dog friends in the quarantine period.

Additionally, the dogs have made four new human friends this past year, with Zoom and Facetime playing a small role in this.

OnePoll conducted the poll for ACANA Wholesome Grains as they celebrated National Pet Month. Researchers also analyzed how 2020 allowed dogs to shine on the inter-webs. For example, 63% of the participants agreed that the dog was the “uncontested star” of any video call on which they make an appearance.

While that should inflict a sense of pride in many dog owners, it also stings a little. As a matter of fact, 57% of them said that their friends and family seemed more excited to see their pets than they were excited to see them. However, 53% admitted to having acted the same way they saw a friend or family member’s pet.

Jennifer Beechen, vice president of marketing at ACANA, says that dogs have been the saving grace for many during these challenging times. She adds that it’s, therefore, heartwarming to see people sharing their pets’ love with friends in spite of being unable to convene in person as often.

Playing matchmaker

A new variety of puppy love may be growing as well. Over 37% of the participants said that the number of playdates they’ve scheduled for their dogs has increased. More than half even said that they had played “matchmaker” with their pets in the park.

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