Do Americans Wait for Mother’s Day To Proudly Say They’ve Got ‘Cool Moms’?

School-going kids know all too well how their parents can sometimes be so embarrassing. However, some lucky students are considered to have “cool” parents by their peers. While this may not have been the norm for most, almost 70% of all Americans consider their moms as being “cool.”

This is according to a survey conducted on around 2,000 adult Americans who choose attributes about their mothers they think are different from the other mothers out there.

So, who’s a “cool” mom?

Among the 68% of the respondents who claim to have a mom that’s cool, 62% of them believe it’s in large part due to the fact she talked openly about everything and anything with her children. This showed that honesty is actually the best policy as far as parenting is concerned. Having relaxed rules may be another big reason.

Over 50% of the people in the poll said that their mom was cool because she didn’t punish them for every single thing. Instead, they said that their moms let them get away with things most other moms wouldn’t. Also, having great taste and being fantastic at gift-giving was another thing that played a massive role in this. In fact, 53% of them said that their mom’s tendency to spoil both herself and the people she loved made her slightly better than the rest of them.

This survey conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with also looked the most important lessons these people learned from their mothers over the years. Most respondents said that they learned how to live in the moment, be responsible and not judge others.

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