Despite Preferring Ready-Made Meal Kits, Majority Of Millennials Can Grill Better, Study Finds

According to a new survey of 3,000 US adults, six out of ten millennials pretend that they know how to cook just to avoid getting help. The survey was divided uniformly across baby boomers (58-76), Generation X (42-57), millennials (26-41), and Generation Z (18-25). 

Millennials prefer ready-made meal kits to traditional grilling 

Almost 50% of the subjects indicated that they are usually reluctant to grill, with 49% saying they found ready-made meal kits convenient. Although most millennials like simple meal kits to conventional grilling (56%), the majority of Generation Z are adamant about grill since they feel that others are better at grilling than them (47%).

Are millennials, on the other hand, understating their grilling skills? Six out of ten people (62 percent) said their grilling skills were “great” or “good.” Moreover, in comparison to 61% of baby boomers, approximately 75% of millennials believe they can fire a grill just as well.

The survey, which was conducted on TABASCO Brand’s behalf, also discovered that millennials are the most likely to have grown up seeing their parents and guardians cook on a barbecue (69%). In addition, nearly four out of five (78%) think the student has outperformed the teacher in terms of grilling skills.  

The average participant assumes over grilling responsibilities from parents at 16 years, regardless of the generation, with 58% stating they have trained a parent well on how to cook particular items on the grill. In fact, 75% of millennials have trained older generations on how to cook specific items.

Millennials are getting better at grilling. 

Millennials have grilled their breakfast 53% of the time, compared to only 24% of baby boomers. The findings also found that the generations sometimes can disagree compared to sauce tastes.

TABASCO Brand Global Marketing Director Kate Neuhaus said, “It’s interesting to discover that the ‘meal kit’ generation is also the one that considers themselves to be the most skilled when it comes to grilling. This summer, we’re firing up the grills to see how the generational divide is changing up the rules of backyard grill-outs and rooftop BBQs.”

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