Credit Cards Offering Cash Back Rewards On Your Online Shopping

Doing online shopping can help save you time and spare you from long queues and huge crowds when you need something. Interestingly with the right credit card, you are even likely to benefit more. However, unlike dining, groceries, and travel you are unlikely to get the most common bonuses in credit card but that doesn’t mean you can’t earn points or cashback on your online spending. The secret is knowing which is the right card that you can take advantage of to get rewards on your online purchases.

You should consider a card that offers rewards and other benefits and not those that come with late fees and interest charges. Here are some of the best credit cards for online shopping:

Citi Double Cash Card

This credit card offers 2% cashback on your purchases with 1% given when you make a purchase and the other when you settle the bill. It doesn’t have any bonus categories and you will earn your cashback for your online shopping anywhere.

Discover It Cash Back

This is perhaps the best online shopping card because of the high reward rates and incredible bonuses. You will earn 5% cashback for up to purchases of $1,500 every quarter but activation is needed. There is 1% cashback on all other spending and there are no annual fees. The bonus categories include groceries gas stations, restaurants and online shopping on Walmart, Amazon, and target.

Amazon Prime Rewards Card

If you love shopping online on and Whole Foods then this will be an ideal credit card for you because it offers 5% cashback on your purchases. If you want to stock up supplies and grocery delivery this will be a good option but you have to an Amazon Prime member.

Bank of America Cash Reward Card

This card offers online shopping as a bonus option and it comes with no annual fees. You can receive 3% cashback on various options including online shopping and dining, gas, and travel. You also get 25 cashback on grocery shopping and wholesale clubs for purchases of up to $2,500.

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