Children Who Play Video Games a Lot Have Higher IQ?

Most parents worry about their children who spend a lot of time playing video games. They tend to think that playing these video games will negatively affect mentally, socially, and psychologically. They also worry about their children’s time watching television on social media such as Instagram and Tiktok. Recent research has depicted that some screen time can be of benefit to children. Remember that genes are inherited and can affect a child’s IQ.

Swedish intelligence experts did some recent research on 9,000 children, both boys and girls in the age bracket of nine and 12 years in the United States. They calculated each child’s IQ at the moment and put them in a similar daily routine for two years. They also put into consideration their parent’s income and the children’s educational backgrounds while doing their research. The children had an average of two and half hours watching television, one hour on social media, and one-hour playing video games.

The research results were so clear and profound in that the children who spent more time playing video games had an incredible increase in IQ points. They had a significant boost of 2.5 IQ points in those two years. It was so interesting that they performed better in school than those who spent most of their free time watching television.

Does Playing Video Games Boost a Child’s IQ?

Playing video games requires concentration, skills, and memory to remember all the techniques and moves needed in the game. Parents should now be happy with their children having much screen time as it can prove helpful, especially if they are playing video games in their free time. This research vividly depicts that playing video games significantly impacts a child’s IQ, which is higher than those who spend more time watching television, on social media, and playing physical games outside. The researchers also noted that the type of game matters and influences the increase in IQ of the children. It is crucial to have a high IQ as it determines the future earnings of a child and also if they will be peaceful and happy in life.

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