Celebrating National DNA Day

April 25 of each year marks National DNA Day. The National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) terms it as an important day for scientific discovery as it celebrates several things: Discovering the helix DNA structure on April 25 in 1963 and the Genome project’s successful completion on the same date in 2003.

Why National DNA Day is celebrated

A report by the International Business Times says that the National day Calendar stated that completing the Genome project was revolutionary to research. Furthermore, the event is an opportune time for diverse people to learn more about DNA, genetics, and genomics.

NHGRI explained that the National DNA Day aims to give teachers and students alike an opportunity to discover and observe the newest developments in genomics and learn how these advances can impact their lives.

There are numerous ways that people can participate in National DNA Day. One way is to learn more about it by reading books and articles or watching DNA videos. NHGRI provides visually intriguing videos that are also equally informative. There are other activities that people can try, including learning how to extract DNA from strawberries at home.

National Day Calendar also recommends watching DNA-related videos in preparation for the event. Whatever activity you may choose to commemorate this crucial scientific milestone, learning more about DNA is what will matter.

As we’ve already learned, the National DNA Day commemorates the completion of the Human Genome Project and the 1953 discovery of DNA’s double helix.

NGHRI urges people to celebrate the event

According to the aforementioned IBT report, this occasion is officially celebrated every April 25 each year. It started when the 108th Congress session in 2003 passed resolutions designating the day. 

The NHGRI, being one of 27 centers from the NIH, has encouraged organizations to hold events to celebrate National DNA Day from January to May.

IBT further reported that DNA is found within the body’s cell nucleus. Since the cells are tiny, DNA is squeezed in a form referred to as chromosomes.

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