Best Time For Flying To Save Money On Summer Vacation

Summers are known to be hectic and peak seasons for air travel. During this period, flight charges go up exponentially due to increased demand by revelers. However, it is to get the cheapest vacation flights if you plan the timing and place well.

Timing is essential when shopping for cheap flight charges during the summer holiday season. It is advisable to buy the ticket well to avoid last-minute rushes that lead to hikes in prices. The following considerations should be observed:

  • For domestic flights, start shopping for your flight around 3 ½ months before departure. Finish the shopping between 2 to 4 weeks before departure.
  • International travelers should shop for your flight between 5 ½ months and 4 weeks before departure.

Booking timing is mainly set by the airline, with many carriers only hiking their fare 10 days to two weeks before departure. Tickets can also change depending on demand and supply.

Fly at the Start and End of Summer

For summer travelers, late June and early July are regarded as the most expensive months for traveling. Travelers within the US, can access the best flight deals in mid-June. Besides, August deals are also considered as very attractive. In particular, there is a significant drop in fare prices around August 20 and 27.

For travelers to Europe, there is always a price hike on June 22. Around the second week of August, prices start to drop until the second week of September. September is regarded as one of the best months to travel to Europe. During this period, the weather is cooler, tourists are few, and prices are low. May is one of the months with costly travel charges and always reaches a peak around the Memorial Day holiday.

Weekends around July 4

There is always a buzz of activities around July 4. With the high number of travelers, many airlines hike their ticket charges. It is especially advisable to avoid weekends that bracket the holiday.

Travelers within the US may pay less by boarding a plane on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday. For those traveling to Europe, Monday through Thursday are the perfect days.

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