Best Student Credit Cards With 0% APR

Many student credit cards offer an initial 0% APR. A 0% APR can be beneficial when making a big purchase. You can pay for the purchase without worrying about piling interest rates as long as you pay your debt before the end of the promotional period.

What 0% APR entails

With a 0% APR, the card company offers the cardholder a period in which they receive an interest rate of 0% on eligible purchases. The length on this period differs with the card. Some companies change the length regularly as they come up with new offers. The 0% APR might only cover new purchase while others might only cover balance transfers. 

Submitting your monthly payment late could cause you to lose your promotional 0% APR. The credit card company could also add a late fine on top of your penalty APR.

Not every cardholder is eligible for the 0% APR promotion. Sometimes a bank could decide that you are ineligible if you’ve used an 0% APR promotion for another card given to you by the same bank.

The promotional APR does it mean your credit card score is immune. The company calculates 30% of your FICO credit card score from your current debt. A big purchase, if not paid off quickly, could land you in debt.

Student credits cards with 0% APR

Discover it® Student Cash Back- like other discover student cards, this one has the same benefits as non-student cards. With Cashback Match, new card owners get a full match of all cash back they earn during the year. Cardholders can also get a statement credit if they maintain a high GPA for five years in school.

Bank of America® Cash Rewards Credit Card for Students- this card has a 15 month 0% interest promotion, so you don’t have to pay interest on new charges for the period.

 Bank of America® Travel Rewards Credit Card for Students- this allows card owners to redeem points earned to pay for travel purchases.

Discover it® Student chrome- offers a 0% APR for six months and the Cashback Match for the first year using the card.

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