Best Personal Styling Services And How To Use Them

Shopping online has become the norm these days, and it has opened up other opportunities. Most people have, however, avoided purchasing items like clothing for some time due to the styling aspect, but e-commerce platforms are making it easier. It has also contributed to the rise of styling services that allow shoppers to pick their preferred styles while also striking the right budget.

Here are some personal online stylists that are available online and how to optimize their services to get the most out of them.


This personal styling service requires the user to create an account, and then it makes suggestions about a variety of areas such as fitness fashion attires, makeup products, apparel, and others. Wantable has a detailed quiz through which it learns about your preferences to make it more effective. It has a unique feature called Style Edit, which focuses on a total of five items. This includes accessories and clothing items.

Items on Style Edit usually cost between $50 and $100. They are sourced from a variety of reputable brands. Wantable charges a non-refundable $20 fee for its styling services on every edit that you make on your purchases.

Stitch Fix

This is a unisex styling service that functions to many styling platforms. They have a comprehensive style profile that you need to fill so that you help the platform to increase its effectiveness. Once you complete the profile, you will be provided with a personal stylist whose job will be to select 5 curated items that best suit your style.

The selected five items are then shipped to you, but you have the option of using a prepaid shipping label to send back the items that you did not like. The average price for products on the service is $55, but you are also charged $20 as the styling fee.


With a name that sounds so stylish, you expect this stylist to live up to that name, and they certainly do. They are somewhat similar to other styling services in terms of profile creation. However, they go the extra mile by providing a one-on-one video chat with the stylist allocated to you. This will allow you to better express your tastes and preferences to the stylist, thus giving the stylist a clearer view of your style.

This highly personalized approach comes at a steep price because this stylist charges a hefty $50 styling fee, although the styling fee is waived for purchases over $250. You also have to pay an extra $25 for shipping and handling.

Le Tote

This is a styling service with a dash of rental clothing in it. This is because it allows customers to keep items for as long as they would like before returning them. Suggested clothing items are provided based on the information you offer in the online quiz that helps the platform to learn about your style.

Prices are generally fair from around $59 to $79, and it will vary depending on the clothing items and accessories that will be in the box sent to you. Shipping is also free for shipping to customers and also customers shipping back items they do not want.

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