Around 68% of American Parents Take New Roles in Planning For Vacations, Study Finds

Are you soon preparing for your upcoming family vacation? According to a recent survey, planning ahead makes vacations more joyful for the entire family. As per the latest study of 2,000 American parents, 68% assume new responsibilities when deciding to go on a family holiday.

Parents take the role of vacation planning 

 A quarter of parents claim to be the “planners” of the family when it comes to vacation preparation, keeping everyone else on schedule and organized. Others, however, describe their co-parent or spouse as an “agent of chaos” who constantly seems to cause difficulties (18%) or is perpetually late (17%).

The poll, performed by OnePoll in collaboration with Chase IHG Rewards Credit Cards, also reveals that 68% of respondents feel that planning is essential to the success of their family holidays. Six hours is all it takes for 76% of families to plan out their complete agenda for a few days. In addition, six in ten (61%) households begin their preparations at least five weeks ahead of time.

Parents believe that when choosing a place to stay while on vacation, facilities (47%), kid-friendliness (41%), and accessibility to local tourist attractions are the most crucial considerations (40%).

Around 72% of parents say they “finally get to enjoy themselves” once they get to the hotel room, compared to 65% of parents who believe they can’t unwind until their family reaches their holiday spot. 

The preferred actions for parents are heading straight for the poolside or bar (31%) or exploring the hotel (23%) before grabbing a bite to eat (17%).

Families create an average of four memories during  vacation 

Families create a median of four special memories while on their much-needed holidays. Finding memories from their youth or other joyful times (40%), doing something new (41%), trying something new (41%), or discovering something to be proud of each other (40%), are some examples of these occasions (40%)

Furthermore, two-thirds of parents (67%) say their children are extremely helpful in making plans for holiday activities, and almost as many (62%) say their kids decide if or not the trip will be enjoyable.

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