Are Sunglasses And Sunscreen For Summer Only? Here is what Americans Believe

A new study has revealed that despite the presence of the sun all year round, 39% of Americans believe that sunglasses are only meant for summer. In addition, the study looked at how Americans protect their body and eyes from harm, and 40% of the subjects believe sunscreen is meant for summer only. 

Americans wear sunscreen and sunglasses mostly during summer 

Whereas 72% of those surveyed said, they were most cautious in the summer, just 68% say they take precautions whenever they go out, especially if it’s just for a brief moment. Some precautions include using sunglasses (62%) or drinking plenty of water (61%). Others choose to use sunscreen (53%) or protect their skin with clothing (51%).

The study also reveals that 42% of participants don’t consider how much time out may impact their eyes. Around 51% say they spend at least 5 hours outdoors in the sun each week, with the West (53%) and Midwest (60%) being the two places where people are more likely to stay outside for at least five hours per week. 

Americans in the West get more of the sun and spend more time outside 

Surprisingly around 34% of Americans are unaware that they should not spend more than 30 minutes in the sun each day. Americans from the West are those who are getting more of the sun, with those in the northeast likely to use sunscreen (56%) and southerners (63%) preferring sunglasses when outside. 

Fortunately, around two-thirds of Americans know that being out in the sun, even for a short time, can damage vision. The same number of people know that wearing sunglasses is important irrespective of the conditions. 

Almost 50% of Americans admit that they don’t wear sunglasses when driving. The number of individuals aware that they should put on sunglasses when doing yard work is around 5%, and almost the same percentage believe they should put on sunglasses when playing games. Americans should be aware that several indoor and outdoor activities require. 

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